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  • The Pedagogy of Clinical Empathy: Formation of the Physician 

    Bellacicco, Nicholas
    Clinical empathy is a lively topic of discussion in the contemporary medical literature. Research indicates that empathetic physicians receive higher patient satisfaction ratings, as well as improved patient health ...
  • The Role of Ethics in STEM Education: A Course Proposal 

    Wright, Matthew Bennett (2017-05-23)
    In modern society, ethics and science have become increasingly intertwined. From stem cell research to artificial intelligence, many of the most controversial ethical and philosophical dilemmas facing society are tied to ...
  • Campus Rape Culture: Effects on Individual, Social, and Administrative Levels 

    Phillips, Taylor (2017-05-23)
    “Rape culture” can be defined as the perpetuation of rape myths, sexual objectification of women, male sexual violence, and victim shaming. The purpose of this literature review is to investigate several factors that ...
  • Prepared Peer Mentoring in College Students 

    Munroe, Rebecca (2017-05-23)
    During my time at college, I have had good mentors and not so good mentors. I myself have been a good mentor and a not so good mentor. What made this difference between my experience as a good mentor and a not as great ...
  • Eclipse Coffee Bar- Business Plan 

    Johnston, Maddison (2017-05-23)
    With the increased desire for high quality coffee, Eclipse Coffee Bar seeks to provide the Abilene area with a coffee shop where people can gather to seek community, study and work. Eclipse Coffee Bar will capitalize on ...

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