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  • Coagulation in the Vicinity of a Gap-Opening Jupiter-Mass Planet 

    Carballido, Augusto (Astrophysical Journal, 2016-06)
    We analyze the coagulation of dust in and around a gap opened by a Jupiter-mass planet. To this end, we carry out a high-resolution magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation of the gap environment, which is turbulent due to the ...
  • Multipole Expansions of Aggregate Charge: How far to go? 

    Matthews, Lorin; Coleman, Douglas A.; Hyde, Truell W. (IEEE Transactions on Plasma Scienc, 2016-04)
    Aggregates immersed in a plasma or radiative environment will have charge distributed over their extended surface. Previous studies have modeled the aggregate charge using the monopole and dipole terms of a multipole ...
  • Analysis of Magnetic Field Plasma Interactions Using Micro Particles as Probes 

    Dropmann, Michael; Laufer, Rene; Herdrich, Georg; Matthews, L.S.; Hyde, T. W. (American Physics Society/ Physical Review E, 2015-08-26)
    The interaction between a magnetic field and plasma close to a nonconductive surface is of interest for both science and technology. In space, crustal magnetic fields on celestial bodies without atmosphere can interact ...
  • The Sweet Smell (and Taste) of Success: Incentivizing ORCID iD Sign-Ups Among Faculty and Graduate Students 

    Chan-Park, Christina Y.; Peterson-Lugo, Billie (2016-09-15)
    ORCID identifiers (ORCID iDs) are a persistent unique identifier for researchers and scholars and enable the automation of links to research objects such as publications, grants, presentations, data, patents and more -- a ...
  • Beyond bibliographic instruction: Science research workshops 

    Chan-Park, Christina Y. (2016-09-15)
    Over the past three academic years, I have offered a series of Science Research Workshops that have gone beyond basic bibliographic instruction and database searching. Although these workshops are available to any ...

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