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  • Fissures First: The Liminality of Marriage and Sociocultural Change 

    Jones, Joshua (2018-04-23)
    The following thesis argues against the contemporary verbiage of the “traditionality” of marriage. It argues that marriage, like other sociocultural constructs, exists in a state of consistent liminality: its very substance ...
  • The Unbreakable Promise 

    Firedancing, Kristoff (2018-04-23)
    The purpose of this paper is to investigate when married Christian couples should divorce. This is an important topic because it is rarely discussed in the Christian community, and divorce is far too common in the Church. ...
  • Girl Talk: An Oral History Examination of Feminism's Impact on Three Generations of American Women 

    Maze, Angelica (2018-04-23)
    Feminism has perhaps never been so present in American popular culture and social discourse as it is today, and yet there is a worrisome lack of clarity in examinations of its impact on the lives of individuals, its ...
  • An Exploration of Harry Potter and its Effect on the Millennial Generation 

    Simpson, Johanna (2018-04-23)
    The Harry Potter phenomena has spanned the globe from its publication in 1997. Even today, several years after the last book was published and the last movie released, Harry Potter continues to enthrall readers around the ...
  • On Baptism and the Eucharist: A Brief Theological Summary 

    Fedorko, Rebecca (2018-04-23)
    This thesis deals with the history of sacramental theology concerning the two common sacraments, Baptism and the Eucharist. The overview begins with Hugh of Saint-Victor, who represents the Catholic tradition. After Hugh ...

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