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    • Development of an implicit measure of dispositional forgiveness. 

      Buechsel, Ruth K. (2010-10-08)
      A number of self-report measures exist to assess forgiveness or attitudes towards forgiveness. However, little research exists to measure forgiveness at a dispositional and implicit level. The purpose of the current study ...
    • Forgiveness in Kierkegaard's ethic of neighbor love. 

      Howell, John Baker. (2009-08-26)
      I argue that Kierkegaard contributes to the contemporary philosophical discussion concerning forgiveness in at least two ways. First, he grounds his understanding of forgiveness in neighbor love so that neighbor love is a ...
    • A theory of forgiveness motivations. 

      Carlisle, Robert D. (, 2013-09-24)
      Previous social psychological work in forgiveness has focused on the motivations for revenge, avoidance, and benevolence. These motivations are used primarily as a way of measuring forgiveness. McCullough et al. (2000) ...