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    • A relational view of time. 

      Padgett, Daniel. (2016-07-06)
      This dissertation is a defense of an Aristotelian, relational view of time. The Aristotelian holds that there are both fundamental and derivative entities. The relationalist maintains that time is not one of the fundamental ...
    • Explanation in metaphysics. 

      Johnson, Daniel M., 1984- (, 2011-09-14)
      One of the primary tasks of the philosopher is to explain what it is for something to be the case – what it is for one event (substance, fact) to cause another, what it is for an action to be obligatory, what it is for an ...
    • Quantifier variance and interpretive charity. 

      Giannini, John J. 1985- (2017-03-16)
      The ontological literature contains several ongoing discussions which seem not to be advancing: incompatible theories of what there is are energetically defended, but these defenses do not lead to consensus. Some have ...