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    • Editing as directing : editing the feature film, In Paradise. 

      Moore, Dakota Maverick. (, 2014-06-11)
      The editing process of a narrative film shares many artistic similarities to directing. Through a critical examination of the editing process for the film In Paradise, this thesis will highlight the directorial aspects of ...
    • Editing Closet Memories : theory and methodology. 

      Hall, Grant M. (, 2013-09-16)
      Editing is a unique aspect of the filmmaking process that involves crafting production footage and audio into a cohesive story. The editor must also approach the film with an objective eye in order to craft the best ...
    • Film and intuition : an exploration of rhythm, pace, and the moving image. 

      Shen, Patrick C. (, 2011-12-19)
      Well-edited films are deeply rooted in the concepts of rhythm and pace. Many film editors argue that this sense of rhythm and pace is born out of a generalized sense of “intuition.” This concept of intuition is very rarely ...