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  • Adding machines. 

    Jones, Leslie Braziel. (2009-06-01)
    We explore the endpoint structure of the inverse limit space of unimodal maps such that the restriction of the map to the ω-limit set of the critical point is topologically conjugate to an adding machine. These maps fall ...
  • Asymptotic arc-components in inverse limits of dendrites. 

    Hamilton, Brent (Brent A.) (, 2011-09-14)
    We study asymptotic behavior arising in inverse limit spaces of dendrites. In particular, the inverse limit is constructed with a single unimodal bonding map, for which points have unique itineraries and the critical point ...
  • Orbit structures of homeomorphisms. 

    Sherman, Casey L. (, 2012-11-29)
    In this dissertation we answer the following question: If X is a Cantor set and T: X → to X is a homeomorphism, what possible orbit structures can T have? The answer is given in terms of the orbit spectrum of T. If X is a ...