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    • Courageous activity and the virtue of courage. 

      Cleveland, William Scott. (, 2014-09-05)
      Chapter one uses vignettes to illustrate a set of distinctions central to this work. I claim that the full exercise of the virtue of courage, what I call paradigmatic courageous activity, is exhibited only when a courageous ...
    • Like the green bay tree : the necessity of virtue for happiness. 

      Wise, Jonathan D. Sands. (2009-06-01)
      It is a generally accepted truth that the wicked flourish, as the psalmist has it, "like the green bay tree": their evil ways, far from hurting them, actually contribute to their well-being and vicious contentedness. From ...
    • Virtue in the tragic vision of Cormac McCarthy. 

      Mangrum, Benjamin. (2011-01-05)
      Cormac McCarthy's novels evoke a more complex perspective than many conventional descriptions—e.g., redemptive or nihilistic, modern or postmodern—allow. Focusing primarily on his Western novels, I demonstrate in contrast ...