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    • Analysis of transaction throughput in P2P environments. 

      Chokkalingam, Arun. (2006-05-28)
      In recent years P2P systems have gained tremendous popularity. Support of a transaction processing facility in P2P systems would provide databases at a low cost. Extending distributed database algorithms such as 2PC and ...
    • Designing incentives in P2P systems. 

      Berciu, Radu Mihai. (, 2013-09-24)
      The goal of this thesis is bringing closer together the game theoretic approach of creating incentives with the requirements and properties of P2P systems. Briefly, we detail the P2P system context that incentive mechanisms ...
    • MultiKarma : a fully decentralized virtual multi-currency. 

      Allen, Jon D. (Jon Douglas) (, 2011-09-14)
      Participant-based technologies enable users to contribute resources to a shared pool that in the aggregate provides valuable services, such as social networks, massive multiplayer online games, file exchange, etc. Such ...