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  • Augustine's solution to the problem of theological fatalism. 

    Hemati, Russell Danesh. (2011-01-05)
    In Augustine's dialogue De Libero Arbitrio, his interlocutor Evodius presents an argument for the incompatibility of divine foreknowledge and human freedom, a position we now call "theological fatalism." Since this position ...
  • Saints and moral philosophy. 

    Riley, Sean A. (, 2011-12-19)
    Starting with William James’s lectures on saintliness in The Varieties of Religious Experience, twentieth and twenty-first century moral philosophers have attempted to understand the relationship between moral philosophy ...
  • Teleological moral realism : an explication and defense. 

    Alexander, David Eric, 1978- (2008-10-14)
    Contemporary moral realists assume that goodness is a property susceptible to Kripkean/Putnamian developments in philosophy of language and metaphysics. However, close attention to the actual use of the term ‘good’ reveals ...