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    • Animals now and then. 

      Thornton, Allison Krile, 1988- (2018-01-12)
      One aim of this dissertation is to remove ambiguities that have impeded a clear discussion and adequate evaluation of animalism. To that end I develop a taxonomy of different varieties of animalism and argue that there are ...
    • Explanation in metaphysics. 

      Johnson, Daniel M., 1984- (, 2011-09-14)
      One of the primary tasks of the philosopher is to explain what it is for something to be the case – what it is for one event (substance, fact) to cause another, what it is for an action to be obligatory, what it is for an ...
    • Groundwork for a Thomistic account of contemporary property roles. 

      Cleveland, Lindsay Kathryn, 1982-; 0000-0003-2267-2660 (2018-04-11)
      Chapter one serves as an introduction to the whole dissertation. In it I explain why I think philosophers should pursue a systematic, pluralist account of contemporary property roles and consider Thomistic explanations of ...