Recent Submissions

  • Voices of the soul. 

    Herryman, Ivette. (, 2013-09-16)
    Voices of the Soul is a composition for orchestra and mezzo-soprano that comprises two movements. It uses texts by the Argentinian writer and poet Alfonsina Storni. Two contrasting ideas are illustrated in the piece, ...
  • Spark for wind ensemble. 

    Barrett, Jonathan Winter. (2010-06-23)
    Spark for Wind Ensemble is an attempt to compose an accessible and exciting piece of concert music for the wind ensemble that possesses a depth and richness rarely achieved within the medium’s repertoire. The idea of a ...
  • !MPACT. 

    Johansen, Ben. (2008-06-10)
    !MPACT is an eighteen-minute percussion concerto for solo percussion, saxophone quartet, brass quartet, and string quartet. The original composition, written by Ben Johansen, was commissioned by Todd Meehan, Director of ...
  • Scenes From the City 

    Allen, Seth (2006-12-05)
    Scenes From The City is a one-movement orchestral work approximately ten and a half minutes in duration. The work was inspired by a weekend trip to New York City in January of 2005. It is a programmatic piece, with obvious ...
  • Of fire and rain. 

    Murphy, Joanna. (2006-09-28)
    Of Fire and Rain is an eleven-minute work for full orchestra. Through its musical materials it explores the idea of two contrasting elements, fire and water, as symbols. Conflict, balance, suffering, and healing are among ...

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