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  • Within-child Associations between Changes in Family Income and Changes in Externalizing and Internalizing Problems 

    Dearing, Eric; McCartney, Kathleen; Taylor, Beck A. (2005-08-13)
    Within-child associations between family income and child externalizing and internalizing problems were examined using longitudinal data from the NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development (n = 1,132). Variations ...
  • Global Patent Protection: Channels of North & South Welfare Gain 

    Grinols, Earl L.; Lin, Hwan C. (2005-08-13)
    Much of the dynamic literature on intellectual property protection (IPP) arrays goods along a segment of the real line, one endpoint of which expands with innovation. A single margin of innovation brings computational ...
  • Capital Regulation, Heterogeneous Monitoring Costs, and Aggregate Loan Quality 

    Kopecky, Kenneth; VanHoose, David D. (2005-08-13)
    This paper develops a banking-sector framework with heterogeneous loan monitoring costs. Banks are exposed to the moral hazard behavior of borrowers and endogenously choose whether to monitor their loans to eliminate this ...
  • Openness, Central Wage Bargaining, and Inflation 

    Daniels, Joseph P.; Nourzad, Farrokh; VanHoose, David D. (2005-08-13)
    This paper develops a model of an open economy containing both sectors in which wages are market-determined and sectors with wage-setting arrangements. A portion of the latter group of sectors coordinate their wages, ...
  • Openness, the Sacrifice Ratio, and Inflation: Is there a Puzzle? 

    Daniels, Joseph P.; VanHoose, David D. (2005-08-13)
    The standard time-inconsistency-based explanation for the negative correlation between openness and inflation requires an inverse relationship between the sacrifice ratio and openness, but Daniels et al. (forthcoming) ...
  • Pharmaceuticals, Prescription Plans, and Promoting Progress 

    Grinols, Earl L.; Henderson, James W. (2005-08-13)
    Monopoly response to buyers who pay fraction c of the product cost is to raise the buyer price for the initial quantity q0 from p0 to 1/c p0, and adjust to a different price and quantity only if profits are thereby raised ...
  • Religious Freedom and State Religion in an Interational Panel 

    Gwin, Carl R.; North, Charles M. (2005-08-13)
    This paper explores the determinants and implications of church-state relationships. A theoretical model of a government’s decision to establish, or disestablish, a state church is developed and then tested with data from ...
  • Unemployment Duration under Wrongful Discharge Law 

    Nicholson, Kristin A.; North, Charles M. (2005-08-13)
    In the 1970’s and 1980’s, courts in most U.S. states adopted some type of common law wrongful discharge cause of action. The various causes of action for wrongful discharge are generally placed into three categories: public ...
  • Religious Pluralism and Religious Adherence in U.S. Counties: Assessing the Reassessment 

    North, Charles, M.; Staha, Melissa B. (2005-08-13)
    We conduct an empirical test of the relationship between religious pluralism and religious participation in U.S. counties using a fixed-effects panel estimation technique. The empirical technique allows us to control for ...
  • Do We Really Understand Home Ownership Rates? An International Study 

    Gwin, Carl R.; Ong, Seow-Eng (2005-08-13)
    This paper attempts to fill two gaps in the homeownership literature identified by Dietz and Haurin (2003): homeownership in less developed countries and the effects of race, ethnicity and income on tenure choice. We use ...
  • Does Consumer Search Matter for Firm Markups? 

    Gwin, Carl R. (2005-08-13)
    This study investigates the relationship between consumer search costs, inflation, and firm markups in retail trade by employing actual measures of search cost. Consistent with theory, results indicate that markups can be ...
  • Existence of Equilibriuim in Welfare-enhancing Free Trade Areas 

    Grinols, Earl L.; Silva, Peri A. (2005-08-13)
    Proving the existence of equilibrium having specified properties is often synonymous with proving the result in trade theory. The Grandmont-McFadden proposition that any autarkic allocation can be replaced by a Pareto ...

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