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    • Do We Really Understand Home Ownership Rates? An International Study 

      Gwin, Carl R.; Ong, Seow-Eng (2005-08-13)
      This paper attempts to fill two gaps in the homeownership literature identified by Dietz and Haurin (2003): homeownership in less developed countries and the effects of race, ethnicity and income on tenure choice. We use ...
    • Does Consumer Search Matter for Firm Markups? 

      Gwin, Carl R. (2005-08-13)
      This study investigates the relationship between consumer search costs, inflation, and firm markups in retail trade by employing actual measures of search cost. Consistent with theory, results indicate that markups can be ...
    • Religious Freedom and State Religion in an Interational Panel 

      Gwin, Carl R.; North, Charles M. (2005-08-13)
      This paper explores the determinants and implications of church-state relationships. A theoretical model of a government’s decision to establish, or disestablish, a state church is developed and then tested with data from ...