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    • Dusty plasma cavities: Probe-induced and natural 

      Harris, Brandon; Matthews, Lorin S.; Hyde, Truell W. (American Physical Society, 2015-06-22)
      A comprehensive exploration of regional dust evacuation in complex plasma crystals is presented.Voids created in three-dimensional crystals on the International Space Station have provided a rich foundation for experiments, ...
    • Glow and Dust in Plasma Boundaries 

      Land, Victor; Douglass, Angela; Qiao, Ke; Zhang, Zhuanhao; Matthews, Lorin; Hyde, Truell W. (IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2013-04)
      The sheath region is probed in different complex plasma experiments using dust particles in addition to the measurement of the optical emission originating from the plasma. The local maximum in the optical emission coincides ...
    • A New Inductively Driven Plasma Generator (IPG6)—Setup and Initial Experiments 

      Dropmann, Michael; Herdrich, Georg; Laufer, Rene; Puckert, Dominik; Fulge, Hannes; Fasoulas, Stefanos; Schmoke, Jimmy; Cook, Mike; Hyde, Truell W. (IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2013-04)
      As part of the partnership between the Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics and Engineering Research (CASPER) at Baylor University and the Institute of Space Systems (IRS) at the University of Stuttgart, a new design for ...