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    • Dusty Plasma Correlation Function Experiment 

      Smith, Bernard; Vasut, John; Matthews, Lorin; Hyde, Truell; Reay, Jerry; Cook, Mike; Schmoke, Jimmy (Advances in Space Research, 2004)
      Dust particles immersed within a plasma environment, such as those in protostellar clouds, planetary rings or cometary environments, will acquire an electric charge. If the ratio of the inter-particle potential energy to ...
    • Experimental and computational characterization of a modified GEC cell for dusty plasma experiments 

      Land, Victor; Shen, Erica; Smith, Bernard; Matthews, Lorin; Hyde, Truell (New Journal of Physics, 2009-06-12)
      A self-consistent fluid model developed for simulations of microgravity dusty plasma experiments has for the first time been used to model asymmetric dusty plasma experiments in a modified Gaseous Electronics Conference ...
    • Phase Transitions in a Dusty Plasma with Two Distinct Particle Sizes 

      Smith, Bernard; Hyde, Truell; Matthews, Lorin; Reay, Jerry; Cook, Mike; Schmoke, Jimmy (Advances in Space Research, 2008)
      In semiconductor manufacturing, contamination due to particulates significantly decreases the yield and quality of device fabrication, therefore increasing the cost of production. Dust particle clouds can be found in almost ...