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  • The Lens Through Which Ye See: Philosophy of Time in the Works of C.S. Lewis 

    Jeffrey, Josh (2012-05-03)
    What can modern philosophers of time learn from the fictional works of C.S. Lewis? In this thesis I demonstrate that Lewis’s conception of time as exemplified throughout his works, but particularly in the Chronicles of ...
  • A Priori Laws and the External World 

    Byrd, Cameron (2012-05-03)
    This thesis demonstrates that any interpretation of the status of ‘mind-independent reality’ or ‘the external world’ in Kant’s transcendental idealism is incomplete if it fails to account for the metaphysical implications ...
  • A Reply to Paul Draper’s Argument from Evil 

    Lewis, Daniel (2013-12-09)
    If God is so great, then why is this world full of evil, pain, and suffering? Throughout the ages, philosophers, theologians, and everyday people from all walks of life have tried to make sense of the apparent injustice, ...
  • Seneca's On Anger 

    Winters, Holly (2014-06-02)