Recent Submissions

  • Ithaka S+R Religious Studies Project: Report of Interviews of Religion Faculty at Baylor University 

    Bales, John; Robinson, John (2016-11-01)
    This report summarizes Baylor University’s part in the Ithaka S+R Religious Studies Project. Ithaka S+R created the Religious Studies Project in order to examine the impact in Religious Studies of shifting research ...
  • Data Management in a Nutshell 

    Chan-Park, Christina Y. (2016-09-13)
    Following up on my presentation last year on Science Research Workshops: Beyond Bibliographic Instruction, this year I will present material I cover in my Data Management workshop. Although originally designed for ...
  • Everything You Should Know About Your Academic Identity 

    Bentsen, Eileen M.; Chan-Park, Christina Y.; Filgo, Ellen Hampton (2016-09-13)
    During this workshop, we will address different issues related to academic identity and publishing. Young scholars should be aware that often other academics’ first impressions are not based on a face-to-face meeting but ...
  • Smart Shifting for Less Maintenance 

    Crenshaw, Clayton E.
    Planning for growth is an important part of managing print collections, and reallocating space by shifting materials is a necessary, but laborious, task. The literature suggests that growth space is determined at the level ...
  • Promoting music library resources -- with mixed results 

    Crenshaw, Clayton E. (2014-12-01)
    This article reports the results of efforts to promote music library resources. Selected new books and CD recordings were promoted using a service desk display. Circulation statistics for those items were compared with ...
  • Downloading Library E-Books 

    Chan-Park, Christina Y. (2013-10-22)
  • Tips for Working with a “Feral Science Librarian” 

    Chan-Park, Christina Y. (2013-10-22)
    With a growing trend of hiring "feral librarians" who have PhDs in a subject but no MLIS degree, libraries and librarians adapt their training and orientation for these new librarians. Based on my 2.5 years of experience ...
  • Research Paper Planner: Students Love It, but Do We Know Why? 

    Chan-Park, Christina Y.; Bentsen, Eileen M. (2013-10-22)
    Students get excited about the research paper planner because it generates a personalized schedule of research and writing steps for papers. They also find the links to advice and tips for these steps and the email alerts ...