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    • A fast seeding technique for k-means algorithm. 

      Karbasi, Seyedeh Paniz, 1986- (2014-11-06)
      The k-means algorithm is one of the most popular clustering techniques because of its speed and simplicity. This algorithm is very simple and easy to understand and implement. The first step of this algorithm is choosing ...
    • Recommendations Made Easy 

      Guinness, Darren, 1990-; Karbasi, Seyedeh Paniz, 1986-; Nazarov, Rovshen; Speegle, Gregory David. (2014-06-23)
      Fueled by ever-growing data, the need to provide recommendations for consumers, and the considerable domain knowledge required to implement distributed large scale graph solutions we sought to provide recommendations for ...
    • Robust and efficient methods for proton computed tomography. 

      Karbasi, Seyedeh Paniz, 1986- (2018-07-23)
      Proton computed tomography (pCT) is a recent promising imaging modality with the goal of generating accurate 3D maps of relative stopping power (RSP) with respect to water. Since the early developments of this imaging ...