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      Health facilities -- Planning. [1]
      Health insurance literacy. Employee benefits. Transformational Learning Theory. Andragogy. Health plans. Employer-sponsored health plan. [1]
      High school environment --- Texas, Central. [1]
      High School Students. [1]
      High schools --- Texas, Central - Case studies. [1]
      High-risk college students. [1]
      Higher education faculty in Texas. [1]
      Higher education. [2]
      Higher education. Administration. Leadership. Derailment. Job loss. Mindset. Attribution. Stigma. Moral career. Vulnerability. Shame. Grit. [1]
      Higher education. Student interactions. Thriving. Deeper life interactions. College student success. Living-learning communities. [1]
      Higher-order thinking skills. Increased standardized test scores. Knowledge retention. Mathematics education. Music education. Music instruction correlated to core academics. Music and mathematics instruction combined. Teaching math and music together. Teaching math for understanding. [1]
      Hispanic American college students -- Cultural assimilation --- Southwestern states. [1]
      Hispanic American college students -- Ethnic identity --- Southwestern States. [1]
      Hispanic American college students -- Social networks --- Southwestern States. [1]
      Hispanic American college students --- Southwestern States. [1]
      Hispanic American college students --- Texas. [1]
      Hispanic American dropouts --- Southwestern States. [1]
      Hispanic American dropouts --- Texas. [1]
      Hispanic American women -- Education (Higher) --- Texas [1]
      History of gifted education. [1]