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    • The Complexity of Detecting Symmetric Functions 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2009-02-18)
      The characterization of the symmetries of boolean functions is important both in automatic layout synthesis, and in automatic verification of manually created layouts. It is possible to characterize the symmetries of an ...
    • A Quick Algorithm for Identifying Conjugate Groups in GF(2) 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2009-02-18)
      This report gives the details an algorithm for determining whether two matrix groups are conjugate to one another. Each group is designated by a pair of matrices that generate the group. The algorithm is able to determine ...
    • A Search Strategy Using a Hamming-Distance Oracle 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2009-08-04)
      The objective of the algorithm described in this report is to optimally guess a hidden binary string based on queries to an oracle where the length of the string is known beforehand. A C++ version of the algorithm is given ...