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    • The Conjugacy Classes of 3x3 and 4x4 Matrices Over GF(2) 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2013-09-20)
      The general linear groups over GF(2) have an intricate and interesting structure. This report does some preliminary work in examining the structure of two of these groups by giving the conjugacy classes of 3x3 and 4x4 ...
    • : GF2Matrices 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2009-03-31)
      This is the software described in the technical report “The GF2Matrices Classes: A Programming Package for Mathematical Research.” Over the past few years I have been engaged in an intense study of GF(2) matrices, especially ...
    • A Quick Algorithm for Identifying Conjugate Groups in GF(2) 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2009-02-18)
      This report gives the details an algorithm for determining whether two matrix groups are conjugate to one another. Each group is designated by a pair of matrices that generate the group. The algorithm is able to determine ...
    • The Representations of GF(8) in GL3(2) 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2013-09-20)
      As is well known (or should be well known) the finite field GF(2^k) can be represented in the general linear group of kxk matrices over GF(2). There are many such representations. This report gives the 8 representations ...
    • The Super Symmetric Representations of S4 in GL3(2) 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2013-09-20)
      This report gives all conjugacy classes of the super symmetric groups HR3 and VR3