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    • Conjugates of the Standard Representation of S3 in 3x3 matrices 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2013-09-20)
      This is a list of the 28 conjugates of the standard representation of S3 in 3x3 matrices.
    • Extending Symmetric Variable-Pair Transitivities Using State-Space Transformations 

      Maurer, Peter (2011-05-13)
      Two-cofactor relations and their associated symmetry types have been studied for many years. While ordinary symmetries are simply transitive permitting them to be combined into clusters of variables, other types of symmetries ...
    • The Hyper-Linear Package 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2009-11-13)
      The Hyper-Linear package is the core of the hyper-linear simulation technique described in Reference 1. Given the specification of a Boolean function, the package will detect all partial and total symmetries and return the ...
    • HyperSim 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2009-11-13)
      This software package implements the simulation algorithm described in the tech report “Using GF(2) matrices in Simulation and Logic Synthesis” found in this archive. ( This package is part ...
    • The Number of Conjugates of the Standard Representation of Sn in the General Linear Group over GF(2) 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2013-09-20)
      This report determines the normalizer of the standard representation of Sn in the general linear group of nxn matrices over GF(2). The size of the normalizer is then used to determine the number of classes of conjugate ...
    • Why is Symmetry So Hard? 

      Maurer (2011-05-13)
      The problem of detecting virtually any type of symmetry is shown to be co-NP-complete. We start with totally symmetric functions, then extend the result to partially symmetric functions, then to more general cofactor ...