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    • Using GF2 Matrices to Simplify Boolean Logic 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2009-01-23)
      Conventional logic simplification can be couched in terms of singular GF(2) matrices. The advantage to doing this is that different matrices can be used to combine terms that are separated by a Hamming distance greater ...
    • Using the Connlib Package to Obtain Parsed Netlist Data 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2009-11-05)
      The connlib package can be used to obtain parsed netlist data from “.ckt” files. These files must be created using the Functional Hardware Description Language FHDL. This data can be used in any way you choose. The ISCAS85 ...
    • Why is Symmetry So Hard? 

      Maurer, Peter M. (2011-05-13)
      The problem of detecting virtually any type of symmetry is shown to be co-NP-complete. We start with totally symmetric functions, then extend the result to partially symmetric functions, then to more general cofactor ...