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    • Delocalization in infinite disordered two-dimensional lattices of different geometry 

      Kostadinova, Eva; Busse, Kyle; Ellis, Naoki; Padgett, Josh; Liaw, Constanze; Matthews, Lorin S.; Hyde, Truell W. (Physical Review B, 2017-12-06)
      The spectral approach to infinite disordered crystals is applied to anAnderson-type Hamiltonian to demonstrate the existence of extended states for nonzero disorder in 2D lattices of different geometries. The numerical ...
    • Simple experiment on the sputtering rate of solids in gas discharges 

      Hartmann, Peter; Carmona-Reyes, Jorge; Korolov, I.; Matthews, Lorin S.; Hyde, Truell W. (Physics of Plasmas, 2017-06)
      We present a very simple and sensitive method to measure the sputtering rate of solid materials in stationary low-pressure gas discharges. The method is based on the balance of the centrifugal force and the confinement ...