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    • Branes in the M_D x M_d+ x M_d- Compactification of Type II String on S^1/Z_2 and Their Cosmologicval Applications 

      Devin, Michael; Ali, Tibra; Cleaver, Gerald; Wang, Anzhong; Wu, Qiang (2010-07-09)
      In this paper, we study the implementation of brane worlds in type II string theory. Starting with the NS/NS sector of type II string, we first compactify the (D + d+ + d−)-dimensional spacetime, and reduce the corresponding ...
    • Note on a NAHE Variation 

      Greenwald, Jared; Pechan, Kristen; Renner, Tim; Ali, Tibra; Cleaver, Gerald (2010-07-09)
      We present a variation of the NAHE-basis for free fermionic heterotic string mod- els. By rotating some of boundary conditions of the NAHE periodic/anti-periodic fermions {ym, ym, wm, wm,}, for m = 1 to 6, associated with ...
    • A Simple Introduction to Particle Physics: Part II Geometric Foundations and Relativity 

      Robinson, Matthew; Ali, Tibra; Cleaver, Gerald (2010-07-09)
      This is the second in a series of papers intended to provide a basic overview of some of the major ideas in particle physics. Part I [40] was primarily an algebraic exposition of gauge theories. We developed the group ...