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    • Charging of aggregate grains in astrophysical environments 

      Ma, Qianyu; Matthews, Lorin; Land, Victor; Hyde, Truell (Astrophysical Journal, 2013-02-01)
      The charging of dust grains in astrophysical environments has been investigated with the assumption that these grains are homogeneous spheres. However, there is evidence which suggests that many grains in astrophysical ...
    • Modeling Agglomeration of Dust Particles in Plasma 

      Matthews, Lorin; Land, Victor; Ma, Qianyu; Perry, Jonathan; Hyde, Truell (AIP Conference Proceedings, 2011)
      The charge on an aggregate immersed in a plasma environment distributes itself over the aggregate’s surface; this can be approximated theoretically by assuming a multipole distribution. The dipole-dipole (or higher order) ...