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    • Ion-wake Field inside a Glass Box 

      Chen, Mudi; Dropmann, Michael; Matthews, Lorin; Hyde, Truell W. (Physical Review E, 2016-09)
      The confinement provided by a glass box is proving ideal for the formation of vertically aligned structures and a convenient method for controlling the number of dust particles comprising these dust structures as well as ...
    • Mapping of force field in a capacitively driven rf plasma discharge 

      Dropmann, Michael; Chen, Mudi; Sabo, Hannah; Laufer, Rene; Herdrich, Georg; Matthews, Lorin; Hyde, Truell W. (Journal of Plasma Physics, 2016-07)
      In this paper a method is described that allows mapping of the forces acting on dust particles in a GEC reference cell. Monodisperse particles are dropped into the plasma environment and their trajectories are tracked using ...