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    • Crystallization Dynamics of a Single Layer Complex Plasma 

      Hartmann, Peter; Douglass, Angela Michelle.; Carmona-Reyes, Jorge; Matthews, Lorin Swint.; Hyde, Truell Wayne.; Kovacs, Aniko Zs.; Donko, Zoltan (Physical Review Letters, 2010-09)
      We report a series of complex (dusty) plasma experiments, aimed at the study of the detailed time evolution of the recrystallization process following a rapid quench of a two-dimensional dust liquid. The experiments were ...
    • Self-diffusion in two-dimensional quasi-magnetized rotating dusty plasmas 

      Hartmann, Peter; Reyes, J. C.; Kostadinova, Eva Georgieva, 1992-; Matthews, Lorin Swint.; Hyde, Truell Wayne.; Dzhumagulova, K. N.; Masheyeva, R. U.; Ramazanov, T. S.; Ott, T.; kahlert, H.; Bonitz, M.; Korolov, I.; Donko, Zoltan (Physical Review E, 2019-01-10)
      The self-diffusion phenomenon in a two-dimensional dusty plasma at extremely strong (effective) magnetic fields is studied experimentally and by means of molecular dynamics simulations. In the experiment the high magnetic ...