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    • Comparison of Plasma Magnetic Field Interactions in a Static and Dynamic Plasma Facility 

      Dropmann, Michael; Knapp, A.; Eichhorn, C.; Loehle, S.; Laufer, Rene; Herdrich, Georg; Matthews, Lorin Swint.; Hyde, Truell Wayne.; Fasoulas, Stefanos; Roeser, Hans-Peter (Transactions of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Aerospace Technology Japan, 2016)
      Magnetic fields are a principal/widespread/promising tool/instrument in space technology design for the use in advanced propulsion concepts, shielding from radiation or to aid thermal protection during the atmospheric ...
    • Electrical Conductivity of the Thermal Dusty Plasma under the Conditions of a Hybrid Plasma Environment Simulation Facility 

      Zhukhovitskii, D.; Petrov, O.; Hyde, Truell Wayne.; Herdrich, Georg; Laufer, Rene; Dropmann, Michael; Matthews, Lorin Swint. (New Journal of Physcis, 2015-05-27)
      We discuss the inductively heated plasma generator (IPG) facility in application to the generation of the thermal dusty plasma formed by the positively charged dust particles and the electrons emitted by them. We develop ...
    • A New Inductively Driven Plasma Generator (IPG6)—Setup and Initial Experiments 

      Dropmann, Michael; Herdrich, Georg; Laufer, Rene; Puckert, Dominik; Fulge, Hannes; Fasoulas, Stefanos; Schmoke, Jimmy; Cook, Mike; Hyde, Truell Wayne. (IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2013-04)
      As part of the partnership between the Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics and Engineering Research (CASPER) at Baylor University and the Institute of Space Systems (IRS) at the University of Stuttgart, a new design for ...