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    • Charitable Giving and Its Effects on Altruistic Behavior 

      Peirce, Rebecca (2018-05-21)
      Prosocial behavior is comprised of the acts of volunteering and charitable giving and is an aspect of human behavior that has been analyzed by economists in the recent past. When volunteering and contributing to charity ...
    • Re-defining Rationality: An Analysis of Criminal Behavior 

      Feragen, Nicole (2016-08-09)
      At the core of economics is the idea that humans behave rationally and will maximize their own utility in any given situation. Illegal behavior, then, can be hard to explain; a criminal must reason that breaking the law ...
    • Risk Aversion and Probabilistic Punishment 

      Short, Amanda (2017-05-23)
      This paper studies the intersection between risk aversion and willingness to punish in an experimental Voluntary Contributions Mechanism (VCM) game. The analysis focuses on the differences between high and low risk averse ...