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    Additive manufacturing. 3D printing. Short-fiber polymer composites. Large area additive manufacturing. Mechanical property prediction. Thermal property prediction. Fiber orientation. (1)
    Adherence. Diabetes. Hypertension. Patient-practitioner alliance. Social support. (1)
    Adhesive bonding. Defects. Composites. (1)
    Adult basic education. Adult learners. High school equivalency. GED. Adult development. Immunity to change. (1)
    Adult learning. Manufacturing. Employees. Attrition. Onboarding. Cross-training. Learning resources. (1)
    Adverse childhood experiences. Adult child abuse survivors. ACEs. Poverty. Parental resilience. Self determination. School connectedness. Faith in higher power. Physical abuse. Sexual abuse. Child maltreatment. (1)
    Affirmative action. African American. Critical race theory. Discrimination. Explicit bias. Faculty. Hiring process. Implicit bias. Inclusion. Intercultural competence. Recruitment process. Search committees. Stereotypes and unconscious bias. (1)
    African American students. Latinx students. Principals. Urban public schools. (1)
    Ageism. Lived experiences. Ageism-induced anxiety. Age discrimination. Older workers. Unfair recruiting practices. Discrimination. Age bias. Age prejudice. Job search. Depression unemployed. ADEA. Lay-off. Outplacement. Diversity. Bias. Unfair hiring practices. Aging workforce. Too old for the workforce. (1)
    Agriculture clumpiness. Agriculture cover. Breeding bird survey. Climate. Cross-scale interactions. Exurban cover. Forest patch size. Human socioeconomics. Landscapes. (1)