A Theoretical First Response Model Proposal with a Historic Look at Baylor EMS and a Literary Review of First Response Programs




Hamner, Tristan

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Time can be of the utmost importance when a medical emergency occurs. First response programs are designed to have highly trained first responders arriving before an ambulance to the scene of the emergency within a matter of minutes. A historic look at Baylor EMS was performed to better understand the history of first responding on Baylor University's campus and to analyze where the program went wrong and what caused its disbandment. A literary review of current city based first response programs and other collegiate EMS programs were also looked into as well to reveal the necessity and benefits of such programs as well as to display the versatility of available programs. Finally a theoretical model for the implementation of a collegiate first response program was detailed and proposed, specifically for use on Baylor University's campus however the model could also apply to any other college or university looking to start their own program.



Collegiate EMS., First response., First responder., Baylor EMS., Baylor first response., Emergency., Emergency first response., College emergency., Theoretical model., Literary review., Campus emergencies., Waco fire department., Cypress creek ems., Emergency medical services., College campus., University emergency medicine.