Differential Reporting on Divorce Filings Between Men and Women




James, Hannah

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This paper documents the differential reporting of divorce filings across men and women, using data from 7,937 respondents across nine countries, from the Generations and Gender Survey (GGS). Rather than study the rates of filing among men and women, which is already well-documented, this study explores how men and women report on these filings differently. On average, 64% of women reported filing for the divorce themselves. However, when men are asked, they are 30 percentage points less likely to report that their ex-wife filed. This gender gap in reporting is larger when respondents do not have children with their partner. The results are consistent across countries and including controls for respondents’ education, age, children, and familial background. The findings have notable implications for future studies regarding autonomy in marital decisions, as well as the ambiguity regarding individuals’ recollections of their divorce decisions.



Divorce, Spousal Disagreement