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A man named James commits suicide and has an out of body experience following his jump from a bridge. In each chapter, James inhabits (or spectates) people in his life. This experience allows him to see himself and the past through the eyes of others. It also allows the reader to see how he got where he did in life. James believes that everyone he loved has abandoned him, but through seeing their sides of the past, he learns that they have been there for him all along. The novel is inspired by several postmodern themes and philosophies. These influences make up the bulk of the academic paper associated with the novel. One major postmodern characteristic is the removal of a metanarrative. The general story of the novel takes inspiration from the type found in A Christmas Carol and It’s a Wonderful Life. However, in each of these tales, the protagonist is guided through an out of body experience by some spiritual force. James has no such guide, and he must stumble through on his own, making meaning for himself out of the experience. The major themes explored in this thesis are grief, regret, friendship, and self-forgiveness.



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