Going up Bell's Hill : a social history of a diverse, Waco, Texas, community in the industrial new south.

Harvey, Sandra Denise
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A historical study of Bell's Hill, an older section of Southwest Waco, Texas, 1885-1955, reveals a complex community characterized by social/cultural, ethnic/racial, and economic diversity. From its early history when artesian wells attracted investors, Bell's Hill became a working-class community where industries located adjacent to the nearby railroad, attracted a growing, diverse population. Once there, residents built strong social institutions and developed neighborhoods that eventually included a sense of community. Beyond the perceived image of the working-class stereotype, there existed a multifaceted community comprised of well-defined neighborhoods. By studying this community, new insight emerges about to the impact of working-class communities, such as Bell's Hill, on the overall growth of the larger, urban places of Waco, Texas, and the industrial New South during the period under study.

Waco, Texas., Social history., Community history.