Honor, not sainthood : interpreting scandals and personal flaws in presidential homes, museums and libraries.




Gray, Troy.

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The inauguration of President Barack Obama as President of the United States underscored the reality of the different kinds of men who occupied the Oval Office. In many cases, these men have been put on a high pedestal by staff who operate the homes, museums and libraries which tell the story of the presidents. Sometimes the stories that are told at these places have left out personal struggles caused by scandals and personal flaws that were experienced by the presidents. This thesis looks at the question of how a president can be honored while his scandals and flaws are still revealed. How the different kinds of scandals and personal flaws that were experienced by individual presidents are interpreted by different types of establishments will be examined. Some suggestions are offered at the end to assist museums in telling these so that visitors can find emotional connections to presidents.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 108-117).


Presidents -- Museums --- United States., Presidents -- Homes and haunts --- United States., Presidential libraries --- United States., Scandals --- United States., Tour guides (Persons) -- Training of., Museum docents -- Training of., Historic sites -- Interpretive programs.