Characterization of optically pumped interband cascade lasers.


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Interband cascade laser (ICL) devices have been optically pumped and the results observed are presented here. The samples being used for this research were grown by molecular beam epitaxy at the Naval Research Laboratory. Light-light curves (output light vs. input light) were obtained using a pulsed Nd:YAG laser and an optical parametric oscillator (OPO) that generated a tunable infrared beam as the pump source. Laser output power was measured as a function of pump intensity at different pump wavelengths ranging from 1800 to 1940 nm. The threshold pump intensity and slope efficiency were also determined from the light-light curves. Additionally, samples with a graphene contact layer were optically pumped and also evidenced lasing characteristics. This demonstrates the feasibility of taking advantage of graphene to make a conducting window for collecting the spontaneous emission for further improvement of ICLs. Some ICL samples were also electrically pumped and light-current (output light vs. injected current) curves were measured, allowing a determination of the threshold current density and characteristic temperature of the devices for temperatures ranging from 78 K to 280 K.



Semiconductor lasers. ICLs. Optical pumping. Threshold and efficiency of ICLs.