Nietzsche on Greatness: Internal and External Characteristics in Three Late Works




Yassa, Sage

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In this thesis, I identify and examine the internal and external traits of the Nietzschean great man as seen in the late works Beyond Good and Evil, The Gay Science, and On the Genealogy of Morals. I find that we may identify many key characteristics of the great man that Nietzsche discusses throughout these three works. Further, I argue that the creation and acting of one’s singular ideal is the necessary element of Nietzschean greatness. The internal traits I discuss are high feelings, singular ideal and amor fati, suffering, solitude, and pity, multiplicity and unity, perception of oneself, and asceticism. The external traits I discuss are the eternal recurrence viewpoint, action, relation to others, the great man’s suffering, conditions and rarity, recognizability, and the difference between true and false greatness.



Nietzsche, Greatness