Parental Health Knowledge and the Church: Tools to Improve Child Health in Brazil




Reed, Alexandra

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Children’s health is a primary global issue because it serves as the basis for future health outcomes and contributes to a person's productivity and economic contribution. Health knowledge of parents, or more specifically of mothers, contributes to children's health. The purpose of this pilot study was to explore health-related issues among parents in two underserved communities in the state of Espirito Santo, Brazil. This study was conducted as part of a Baylor University partnership with Brazilian Baptist churches whose leaders are interested in promoting health in their neighborhoods. Study participants (n=33) completed a written survey designed to measure age, education, number of children, and primary source for health information. The participants also engaged in one of three focus groups through which three basic questions were used to explore parental perceptions about children's health and future health education. Results from survey response frequencies and percentages were compared to focus group outcomes, and used to understand primary health issues faced by the studied communities.



Community health