Geospatial Analysis of Pediatric Surgical Need in Somaliland

Moody, Katelyn
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Global pediatric surgery has remained a neglected area of concern, despite the disproportionate health care burden surgical conditions cause on the already vulnerable pediatric populations living in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Children living with surgical conditions in LMICs often experience delays in seeking, reaching, and receiving timely and safe surgical care. The objective of this thesis is to use geospatial analysis techniques to examine the delay in reaching care by analyzing the relationship between pediatric surgical conditions and distance to surgical care in Somaliland. This study will examine the ability of children living with surgical conditions in Somaliland to reach timely and safe surgical care, which is defined by the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery as the ability to reach a hospital with surgical capacity within two hours. Finally, the geospatial analysis results will be used to recommend how pediatric surgical infrastructure can be improved to meet the demands of pediatric surgical need in Somaliland and similar LMICs.

Geospatial Analysis of Pediatric Surgical Need in Somaliland