The springshed and potential recharge areas for the Downtown Salado Spring Complex, Salado, Texas.


The Northern Segment of the Edwards (BFZ) Aquifer is a complex, karst system experiencing increases in groundwater demand and environmental stresses in response to a growing population. This study delineated the Salado Springshed under baseflow conditions and identified significant recharge zones by analyzing synoptic water-level maps under different aquifer conditions, collecting groundwater samples for ionic chemistry and isotopic composition analyses, and statistically correlating precipitation to changes in baseflow at Salado Springs. The geochemical samples and statistical correlations generally confirm the springshed interpretation. Apparent groundwater ages indicate the youngest groundwater occurs below the Edwards outcrop and the oldest groundwater in the deeper confined portion of the aquifer. The geochemical signature of the groundwater supports the interpretation that the deeper flow system does not flow to Salado Springs under natural flow conditions. The statistical analyses support recharge in the delineated springshed, but also possibly in an upgradient losing stream segment.

Karst. Springshed. Edwards Aquifer.