Pursuing holy discontent : spiritual disciplines and community formation for growth toward holiness in the Wesleyan/Methodist tradition.




Knight, Charles Adam.

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This project examined the role discipleship or spiritual formation plays in the development of the Wesleyan conception of holiness. A test group of volunteers from Coker Methodist Church embarked on a six-week spiritual formation process that began with two- weeks of preparation involving an exploration of the shortcomings of modern discipleship practice, as well as John Wesley’s ideas of holiness as Christian perfection. In order to create a spiritual life baseline, a pre-intervention assessment was administered after the preparation period. The test group then spent four weeks living by a rule of life that included personal spiritual disciplines as well as weekly band meetings for community and accountability. At the close of the intervention period a post-intervention assessment was administered to compare to the original spiritual life baseline. In addition to the test group, a control group took the same pre- and post-intervention assessments without participating in any of the preparation or intervention, to have a spiritual life comparison to the test group. The purpose of this project was to create a model for both teaching and encouraging the pursuit of holiness and leading people toward that goal.



Methodist studies., Enitre sanctification., Holiness., Discipleship., Spiritual formation., John Wesley., Spiritual disciplines., Fruit of the Spirit.