Promoting generalization of communication training by use of the iPad™.




Strickland, Erica L.

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The current study examined the effects of communication training with an iPad™ used as a speech generating device (SGD) to promote generalization to community settings. The participants were taught to use the iPad™ with the TapToTalk™ application in the training setting to request preferred items that would be accessible in a community setting. Multiple baseline data across participants indicated that the participants not only effectively used the iPad™ as an SGD in the trained setting but also generalized use of the iPad™ to the community setting with untrained community members. Results suggest that the iPad™ with the TapToTalk™ application is an effective SGD for promoting generalization through the use of natural maintaining contingencies. These results also replicate other study’s effectiveness of communication training for individuals with limited communication skills.



Communication training., Speech generating device., Generalization., iPad™.