Rock the Vote or Block the Vote




Berthelot, Shea

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This thesis extends over seven chapters discussing the landscape of different kinds of election and voting laws that may result in election security/ integrity concerns, voter suppression effects, both, or neither. The introduction lays out the historical landscape of modern voting rights legislation and recent rulings and changes. This background echoed and expanded at the beginning of each substantive chapter focusing on a specific type of law. The chapters of research will include the topics of voter identification laws, voter purges or voter roll cleaning laws, voter registration laws, and laws that pertain to casting your physical ballot. There are many specifics in each topic. These specifics are defined, discussed, given examples, and evaluated to see if there are suppressive or integrity concerns. These research chapters and the conclusions drawn from the findings are followed by a conclusion summing up each chapter. Finally, chapter seven lays out a few policy recommendations that target the most glaring issues or politically feasible policy options



Voting rights., Voter suppression., Election integrity.