The Role of Christianity in Astronomical Arguments and the Condemnation of Galileo




Friberg, Jessica

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Whether studying astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry or other areas of the natural sciences, scientists are studying subjects related to Christianity. Throughout the period known as the Scientific Revolution, which is the foundation of these modern sciences, few would have doubted this statement. In fact, most scientists of this period were Christians who sought to discover and understand more about God’s creation for his glory. One instance of a scientist that showed the connection and interaction between science and religion is Galileo Galilei. This thesis is an investigation into the context and story behind Galileo, his discoveries, and heliocentrism. It proceeds to break down Galileo’s doctrine about science and religion from his Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina. The combination of Galileo’s condemnation for vehement suspicion of heresy and his argument for the harmony between science and religion demonstrates a complicated relationship between the two. Beyond Galileo and heliocentrism, this relationship is essential to understanding nature. The relationship between science and religion is certainly extraordinarily complex, yet still intertwined in a way that cannot be discounted.



Galileo Galilei, Science and religion, Astronomy