An Exploration of Harry Potter and its Effect on the Millennial Generation




Simpson, Johanna

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The Harry Potter phenomena has spanned the globe from its publication in 1997. Even today, several years after the last book was published and the last movie released, Harry Potter continues to enthrall readers around the world. In my thesis, I explore how the Harry Potter books have affected the millennial generation that grew up reading the novels. Through first analyzing how the books conform and differ from literary traditions, I establish the literary merit and influence of the seven books among children and adults. After establishing the significance of the novels, I consider how the success and phenomenon of the seven Harry Potter books has influenced the millennial generation in three significant ways. First, the novels have led to a more literate generation than the one before it. The books have also provided the millennial generation with a structure from which to cope with terror. Finally, the success of the Harry Potter books has influenced the millennial generation to be more politically involved and politically progressive.



Harry Potter., Millennials., Literacy., Terror., Politics.