A Hidden Minority: Voicing Asian Americans in U.S. History TEKS




Park, Yenna

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The COVID-19 pandemic brought to light Asian hate crimes because of the decision to scapegoat Asian Americans as the cause of the pandemic. While this is far from true, this highlighted event draws out a deeper question regarding Asian Americans and their place in American society. Specifically, questions developed regarding how people perceive Asian Americans, and much of their perception can be traced back to the way they learned in school. Further tracing of this leads to the questioning of the curriculum itself, the foundation and outline for what people are expected to learn as they grow up in school. This thesis explores the extent to which Asian Americans and Asians are represented in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills §113.41, United States History Since 1877. By using AsianCrit, this thesis evaluates the consequences of limiting the Asian American voice in curriculum and offers opportunities for inclusion to advocate for change.



Asian American., Curriculum., AsianCrit., Multicultural education., Education.