The effects of a computerized study program on the acquisition of science vocabulary.




Rollins, Karen, 1961-

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The following study examined the difference in science vocabulary acquisition comparing computer-assisted learning and a traditional study review sheet. Fourth and fifth grade students from a suburban school in central Texas were randomly selected and randomly assigned to either experimental group or control group. Both groups were given a pre-test to measure prior science vocabulary knowledge and to measure differences within the groups. Both groups learned 24 science vocabulary words over a two-week period. Both groups had the opportunity to study for five days. The experimental group studied using Study Hall 101 (Raley, 1999/2006), an interactive computer game designed to increase learning of vocabulary. The control group studied the vocabulary words using a paper review sheet. At the end of the two-week intervention, both groups took an immediate post-test assessing science vocabulary learned. Another test was given two weeks later to assess retention of the words. A mixed repeated measures 2 X 3 ANOVA was used to analyze the interactions. A repeated measures was used to analyze which group improved. Independent t-tests were used to analyze the differences between experimental and control groups. Analysis showed that although the groups had similar pre-intervention scores, the students’ scores were significantly different at post and delayed post-tests. Students who studied science vocabulary words using Study Hall 101 (Raley, 1999/2006) showed a significant statistical difference in the amount of science vocabulary words they learned and retained as compared to the review sheet group. In addition, effect sizes indicated large and moderate strengths for science vocabulary words learned (d = 0.76) and for words retained (d = 0.58) when using Study Hall 101 (Raley, 1999/2006).



Acquisition of science vocabulary., Computerized study program.