The Myth of Work/Life Balance




Coulter, Anna

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The feminist movement over the last few centuries has been essential in acknowledging the historical subjugation of women and remedying it through significant legal and cultural changes. However, we have reached a point where it is expected that all women should have a successful career, marriage, and mothering experience, and all alone by themselves, eventually attaining the status of perfection. In this thesis, I am arguing that work/life balance for women is a myth, because of the modern unsustainable culture surrounding human limitations in the personal and professional sphere. It starts with a historical overview of the feminist movement, including the biographical accounts of key figures and their contributions. The next chapter then moves into a philosophical overview of feminist ideas, and then explores the question of "how did we get here?" in the modern era of "girlboss." The final chapter serves as an argument against work/life balance using sociological data, and then argues for women of the new working generation to utilize their community and personal empathy to embrace the finiteness of all humans and find comfort in that kind of human flourishing.