Food Insecurity: A Multifaceted Issue Requiring Diverse Solutions




Fryer, Brittany

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This thesis explores the multifaceted nature of food insecurity in the general population and more specifically within college students. There are three goals: first, to provide background information on the history of food insecurity and what has been done to address it; second, to inform on the many negative effects food insecurity has on several health domains; lastly, to give insight into how food insecurity is caused and how to address food insecurity going forward. By doing so, this thesis argues that the intersectionality of causes of food insecurity requires diverse solutions including, but not limited to, expanding food assistance programs benefits and integrating programs to reach more people. I accomplish these goals through four chapters. The first chapter provides an overview of the history of food insecurity and the policies and programs enacted in the United States since the 1920s. The second chapter describes how food insecurity impacts the physical, mental, and social health domains and examines how college students have a unique experience within these dimensions of health. The last goal is accomplished through the third and fourth chapters where the third chapter analyzes the causes and determinants of food insecurity and the fourth chapter addresses solutions to food insecurity.