Purpose Marketing: A Genuine Way for Companies to Advocate for Change or a Deceitful Sales Tactic?




Flinchpaugh, Emily

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This thesis explores the implementation of purpose marketing in modern day advertising. Studies have shown that consumers are willing to switch to brands that support causes they believe in, and brands have started to capitalize on this trend. In particular, I will analyze brands that have released controversial ad campaigns and attempt to uncover the motives behind their seemingly philanthropic efforts. Advertising today is under high levels of scrutiny due to the internet and the prevalence of social media, so if a campaign comes across as inauthentic or inconsistent with a brand’s identity, customers can lose trust in the brand. I will then examine brands that are commended for their purpose marketing, evaluate why their campaigns are received well, and point out how other brands can learn from them.



Purpose Marketing., Cause Marketing., Marketing., Woke Advertising., Woke Marketing.